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Last Updated on Dec 8, 2023

1.              INTRODUCTION

We Technodive India Private Limited ,  a company  duly incorporated under the applicable laws of India, and having its registered office at  (41K4) 69 HIG SHYAM NAGAR/ KANPUR,  Uttar Pradesh, India- 208013(hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is committed to providing you with committed and best services in the industry. We own and operate an  platform under the brand name Neurodivership having the URL as (“Platform”).

Below is an overview of our Platform, which means any website, application, or service we offer. The Terms of Service include information about your legal rights and cover areas such as limitations of liability, resolution of disputes by mandatory arbitration rather than a judge or jury in a court of law, and a class action waiver.

 For all purposes, these Terms of Use (“Policy“) create a contractual relationship between any User using the Platform for availing services. The Policy applies to all types of Platform usage and access. This Policy represents our commitment to outlining the process of using and accessing this Platform. This Policy is an electronic document that does not require a physical copy for any reason.

2.              DEFINITION

2.1          “Applicable Laws” means any statute, law, rule, ordinance, notice, statute, judgment, rule of common law, governmental approval, or other governmental restriction or any decree or notice in effect on the date of this Policy or any time after.

2.2          “Platform” means the website  through which we offer our Services.

2.3          “Services” shall have the meaning ascribed to it below.

2.4          “Users” shall mean any natural or legal persons who browse through the Platform for informational purposes regarding the Platform or to avail the Services it offers thereof.

3.              COMPLIANCE

This Policy is in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in force, as well as with all applicable state laws. Furthermore, this Policy is published on our Platform in accordance with the applicable laws.


4.1.        You represent and warrant us that you are competent and of legal age under the eyes of the relevant law to use the Platform as per this Policy, however, in case, any time during the term of this Policy you lose your competence, you shall immediately cease from using this Platform and shall immediately forthwith inform us of such incompetence on [email protected].

4.2.        Any Account created of a minor as per the Applicable Laws shall be done by/ under the guidance and surveillance of the parents/ legal guardian.

4.3.        Every natural person or legal person who visits our Platform, whether to browse it or use its Services, is subject to this Policy. By virtue of your visit, you are subject to this Policy. You are also subject to this Policy by virtue of your continued use of the Platform.


5.              SERVICES PROVIDED

5.1.        The Company provides the following Services through the Platform to its Users (hereinafter the “Services”), including but not limited to:

5.1.1.            Informational: The Company aims to educate the masses about neurodiversity and the challenges involved, it aims to create a platform for similar children facing similar challenges to meet and create a community.

5.1.2.            Other Services: The Services of the Company are limited to kids less than the age of 16 (sixteen) residing in the territory of India. If any User wishes to avail of the Services of the Platform, they’ll be directed to fill a simple form on the Platform and give their basic details including name, phone number, place of residence, etc. The Company at its own discretion might request the User to provide a personal ID for verification.

5.1.3.            Once the form is submitted, the User shall get a call from the Platform to enquire about further details of the User and the child. As soon as the Platform finds a potential and similar match within the same or nearby geographical area of the Users it shall notify such User over call.

5.1.4.            Through the information available the Company shall try its best to match Users of similar interests. The Company at no time makes any assurance or guarantees about any matches and the same would be totally dependent on the Users who sign up on the Platform.

5.1.5.            Once a potential match is found, the Company through its representatives shall inform both Users and send them each other’s contact information, the Company shall have no further obligation or liability beyond the point of sharing contact details of the Users between two potential matches. Arranging meetups, meeting venues, and associated expenses are the sole and complete responsibility of the Users.

5.1.6.            The Company may at its own discretion create a WhatsApp group for potential matches and in order to keep the interactions smooth, transparent and safe.

5.1.7.            In case of any fraudulent use, misrepresentation, incorrect information is detected by any of the Users, they shall inform the same to the Platform, which shall in return take necessary steps to limit or prevent such User from any further activity.

5.1.8.            The User shall furnish all the necessary documents required by the Company to verify and authenticate the User. In case the User doesn’t furnish the required documents, the Company shall have right to refuse its Services to such User.

5.2.        For accessing the platform and availing the services, the Company charges no fees or payment.


6.              PRIVACY POLICY

The usage of the Platform and availing of the various Services, and features on offer shall require Users to submit and provide us with their information which the Company shall collect, store, and process for the purpose of providing such Services and features to the Users. The Company respects the privacy and confidentiality of the information of its Users; thereby the collection, storage, and processing of their information are governed by the Privacy Policy instituted by the Company. Users are requested to carefully read the Privacy Policy of the Company and the access and usage of the Platform by the Users implies that they have read and understood the Privacy Policy and agreed to be bound by its provisions.



You represent and warrant that all personal information and other information posted on the Platform are true, correct, genuine, and original, and do not infringe on any third-party rights, including but not limited to any copyright or other proprietary right that is Trademarks, Patents, Designs, and so on. You commit to defending, holding harmless, and indemnifying the Platform, as well as its owner, partners, stakeholders, officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all direct and/or indirect damages, liabilities, third claims, actions, losses, and expenses, including but not limited to business loss, physical injury or personal injury, loss or damage to tangible or intangible property caused, or alleged to be caused.


We may provide third-party links on the Platform to help you get the most out of our Platform and services. You understand and acknowledge that all third-party links are outside of our control and that we accept no responsibility for any act, omission, or negligence on the part of the third-party links. You use third-party links at your own risk.


9.              DISCLAIMER

You grant us permission to collect, store, and use your Data for all the purposes described in this Policy, any other applicable Policies, or any other applicable Laws by your continued use of, registration with, and browsing on the Platform. Your Data is solely used by us for authorized purposes as defined by the relevant rules and applicable laws. For the purposes of internal governance and compliance, we gather and preserve your Data. Your Data is also kept on file by us for legal compliance reasons. Your Data won’t be used by us for any unauthorized purposes, whether they be commercial, personal, or otherwise.



10.1.    We are merely an online Platform , with the aim of connecting neuro diverse kids and we are only providing this Platform for your ease to meet similar people. You acknowledge and undertake that you are accepting and accessing this Platform on an as-is basis. We do not provide any guarantee or warrant towards the matches, meetups that you may plan/organize and anything for that matter involving the interaction of two Users. We are not responsible for malfunctioning, connectivity issues, and other similar issues on the Platform, misrepresentation, forgery, cheating, hurt, assault caused by any User . We are not liable for any losses or damages incurred as a result of third-party misuse or technical failure on the Platform.



11.1.    You represent and warrant that you will follow this Policy and other applicable policies for all purposes.

11.2.    You represent and warrant that you will abide by all the rules, regulations, and laws applicable on you.

11.3.    You represent and warrant that you will only use the Platform for the purposes set forth in this Policy.

11.4.    You represent and warrant that you will not violate any of the terms of this Policy, any other applicable policy, or any laws.

11.5.    The User represents and warrants that they will not act in any way that is immoral, illegal, contrary to public policy or tranquilly, and/or is harmful or in violation of any applicable laws.


12.1.    This Policy applies to you as a result of your continued use of this Platform. This Policy also applies to you because you registered on this Platform.

12.2.    You can remove your details on the Platform by writing to us at [email protected] if you want to revoke your consent. Regardless of anything stated in this Policy, we will keep your Data on file in order to comply with any legal obligations. You can instantly stop using our Platform if you disagree with any of the clauses in this Policy or if you want to revoke your agreement for any of its goals.

13.          REMOVAL OF ACCESS

13.1.    We reserve the right to remove or ban your access to the Platform if you violate this Policy or any other policies that apply to you. We also reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to deny you access.

13.1.1.       In case, we find that the details provided by you in your Account are not genuine, accurate, and correct.

13.1.2.      In case, we find that you have uploaded any incorrect, vague, vulgar, obscene, and third-Party information and/ misrepresented your personal details

13.1.3.       In case, you have violated, breached, or infringed any third-party rights in any manner and/or mode.


14.1.    We reserve the right to amend this Policy in the event of a change in the law or a change in the Company’s policies. This Policy may be amended and posted on the Platform at any time, and you should always read it for a better understanding.

14.2.    This Policy shall be interpreted, governed, and construed in accordance with the Applicable Laws of the jurisdiction in which you are residing and/or browsing the Platform. If any dispute arises between any of the Parties hereto during the term of this Policy or thereafter regarding the validity, implementation, interpretation, or alleged breach of any provision of this Policy, or any, claims, matters, or disputes under this Policy, the same shall be resolved by appropriate courts situated in Noida.


15.          COMMUNICATION

15.1.    We appreciate your dedication to us, and your feedback will assist us in providing the best services possible. We value your feedback and encourage you to send it to us so that we can continue to evolve and develop based on your constructive feedback and provide you with the best services available.

In case of any query or concern or grievance, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We will get in touch with you to understand your query and resolve the same at the earliest.

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